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Terms of Sales

• Definitions

These general conditions of sale use the words associated with the following definitions:

- Seller: The company YOTTAMALL.FR, the information of which is provided in article 1

- Product: Item offered for sale by the seller

- Customer: Person who ordered the product

- Electronic book: Book in digital format which is in the form of a computer file and which can be read only using a medium

- Service: Intangible service offered for sale by the seller

- Reading support: Hardware device that can display the electronic book on its screen

• Article 3: Object

These general conditions of sale detail the rights and obligations of the company YOTTAMALL.FR and its customers in the context of the sale of the products and services detailed in articles 4 and 5.

Any service performed by the company YOTTAMALL.FR implies the customer's unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

• Article 4: Product presentation

The product is an electronic book (or e-book) falling under the category of digital content not provided on a physical medium.

This product is in epub format. This format adapts to the screen size of the reading medium and can be read by devices such as e-readers, smartphones, tablets and computers. The electronic book has been tested and validated on a Sony Reader PRS-T2, on a PC type computer and on a Samsung S3 mini smartphone.

The customer acknowledges having understood that the product is not a classic book in paper format and that he must have at his disposal a reading medium of the type indicated in the previous paragraph. Reading material is not provided.

All texts and images in the product are reserved, for the whole world, under copyright and intellectual property rights; their reproduction, even partial, is strictly prohibited.

• Article 5: Presentation of services

The services offered are:

Analysis of the reliability of an online sales site

Analysis of the reliability of a classified ad

Analysis of the reliability of a loan proposal between individuals

Analysis of the reliability of a person encountered on the internet

For each service, an expert takes charge of the sales order. The service consists of analyzing the information provided by the client and any information subsequently found by the expert.

Given the low price of the services and for obvious reasons of profitability, the expert's response may be limited to one sentence without any justification on the reasons for his judgment.

The customer expressly acknowledges that the service ordered relates to a reliability analysis and that this service does not allow him to be reimbursed for a scam already suffered, or to have advice on how to be reimbursed.

The customer asks his question on the "My order" page in the "Additional information - Notes of the order" section. In the event that the question is not deemed sufficiently clear by the customer, the seller sends an email to the customer for more information. The customer will have to resend an e-mail to specify his request. The delivery period starts when the seller is in possession of sufficient information to judge the reliability of the case in question. In the absence of a response from the customer by e-mail to a question asked by the seller within 5 working days, the delivery of the order cannot be concretely completed but will be deemed to have been completed.

• Article 6: Period of validity of sales offers

By its nature, the product and services are not subject to material unavailability (exhaustion of stock for example). The YOTTAMALL.FR company reserves the right to withdraw the product and services from sale without notice.

• Article 7: Price of products and services

The company YOTTAMALL.FR reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the products ordered are invoiced at the price in effect when the order is registered.

The company YOTTAMALL.FR is exempt from VAT.

• Article 8: Order

The "Basket" page allows you to view the details of the order and its total price. It is possible at this time to identify any errors and correct them.

By clicking on "proceed to order" the customer will have to enter his contact details. The customer then again has the possibility of viewing his order and identifying any errors. In the event of any errors, the customer can interrupt the ordering process or make the desired corrections by returning to the previous pages. It is possible to correct any errors and correct them until payment for the product or services.

The case of ordering services involves the communication by the customer of a question to the seller. This question must necessarily be related to the service requested. The customer asks his question on the "My order" page in the "Additional information - Notes of the order" section.

The customer validates his order when he activates the "Pay" link at the bottom of the "My order" page after having accepted these conditions of sale.

Once the order has been placed, the customer receives at the address he will have previously indicated on the "My order" page, a payment receipt from Paypal as well as an order confirmation email accompanied by a bill.

In the case of an electronic book order, delivery takes place immediately. The customer can download the book from the email sent to him or download it directly from the Yottamall.fr site on the “My order” page. If the customer opts for this second option, he will not have to close the Paypal page after payment and click on the "return" link which is offered by Paypal.

In the case of an order for services, the order will be fulfilled within the time limits specified according to the option chosen. The delivery period starts when the seller is in possession of sufficient information to judge the reliability of the case in question.

The data recorded by the company YOTTAMALL.FR constitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order. This is archived by the company YOTTAMALL.FR under the legal conditions and deadlines; the customer can access this archiving by making a request via the contact address.

• Article 9: Terms of payment

Payment for orders is made by Paypal, either through a Paypal account or with a credit card. It is not possible to pay by credit card directly on the Yottamall.fr site

• Article 10: Delivery

In the case of an electronic book order, the product is delivered as an attachment to the email sent to the address provided by the customer when ordering.

Delivery is made immediately after ordering. The company YOTTAMALL.FR is not responsible for any delay in receipt of the delivery email by the customer. The company YOTTAMALL.FR is not responsible for an error in the e-mail address entered by the customer when ordering.

In the case of an order for services, the order will be fulfilled within the time limits specified according to the option chosen. The delivery period starts when the seller is in possession of sufficient information to judge the reliability of the case in question. For the "balanced" option, delivery takes place within 48 hours of the order date and time. For "express" options, delivery takes place within 2 hours of the order date and time. The authentic order date and time are those of the order management plugin used by the website. Failure to meet the delivery time specified by the seller does not entitle the buyer to a refund of the order.

The realization of the ordered services is carried out from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Any order placed after 5 p.m. can be delivered the following working day. For example, an "express" order on Friday at 6 p.m. can be delivered the following Monday before 10 a.m. (Either within 2 working hours after order).

• Article 11: Withdrawal

Pursuant to article L. 121-21-8.- The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the supply of digital content not supplied on a physical medium or for service contracts whose execution has started after the express prior consent of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal.

• Article 12: Disputes

Complaints should be sent to the contact address mentioned in article 1.

The seller is not responsible for any problems related to incorrect contact details provided by the customer, in particular his email address to which the invoice is sent and, as the case may be, the link to download the electronic book or the answers for the orders of services.

The Yottamall.fr website, these conditions of sale and orders made via the site are subject to the law in force in France.

Any dispute will fall under the jurisdiction of the court of the place of the seller's headquarters.